Buying FAQs

We are happy to provide you quote - please email us at specifying the products and amount that you require.
We accept order to , to process your order we require the following: 1 Product name(s) of the kits you require. 2 Shipping address and billing address. 3 Your telephone number and email address.
All payment details are described on the pro-forma invoice. we accept bank and wire transfer as methods of payment.
We always have stock for the product menu that we have.
Depending on the country and the city, the transit time is between 2-5 days.
We ship to 143 countries by express courier delivery.
All orders received Monday through Fridays are shipped the same day. Orders received after these deadlines are shipped the next business day.

Technical FAQs

We have application codes for most of the automated biochemistry analyzers, please email us at for the specific application codes of your analyzer.
They are all colorimetric biochemistry kits, so you can use either a spectrophotometer or automated biocehistry analyzer or you can use reading function of the elisa plate reader with an empty and clear elisa plate.
For product-related problems, a replacement will be offered. If you do not provide details of your protocol or follow the recommendations of our experts, Rel Assay Diagnostics will unfortunately be unable to issue a replacement.
You can store the kit well capped and at 2 - 8 oC till the expiration date, do not freeze it and let it evaporate uncapped.
You can use various samples with most of the kits from body fluids to plant extracts, even foods.
We recommend buying the same lot number when comparing or analyzing multiple samples. A new standard curve must always be prepared with each individual kit unit, however if ordering multiple kits from the same batch at the same time, we suggest comparing the standard curve of 2 kits, and if curves are identical, the same curve can then be used for other units of same batch.